Sometimes no news, is good news. It’s been a while since I posted, mostly because things have been quiet, and we’ve just been living.

BUT A few weeks ago, Angel looked at me and said, “I’m worried about Levi.” Angel rarely vocalizes his concern, he holds it in, so we made an appointment with Levi’s doctors.

Levi has been on the liver transplant list since October 2017, just six months after he was born. He has spent 2 of those years on hold because he was stable, eating and growing. At our visit yesterday, Levi’s doctor told us, “It’s time.” Despite our best efforts, Levi has plateaued and transplant is now imminent.

I had a breast cancer scare at the beginning of COVID, this reflects just how quickly things can change. While I haven’t been ruled out as Levi’s living donor just yet, I have to go through all the exams again. It will take some time to know whether our original plan can move forward.

In the meantime, Levi’s doctors have asked us to begin the search for a living donor again. If you are type O, in good health, please consider donation. 

To give you some of the latest stats, Levi’s liver is 14cm, roughly the size of an adult liver. As his liver backs up, it impacts the spleen which is now 2cm more enlarged than our last ultrasound. Levi has not gained any weight in 13 months and the doctor suspects, if not for his huge liver, he wouldn’t weigh what he does.

In the absence of miraculous healing, we are preparing for transplant and still praying for divine intervention! Please pray for this little man who owns our hearts!