Pledged Defender of Men

Levi Alexander – he was named long before he came. Levi means pledged to God and Alexander means defender of men. We had no idea when he was born just how much of a warrior he would be.

At four months Levi had a bruise on his back that wouldn’t go away. It left us with that nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. Within a day of taking him to the pediatrician we were rushed to VCU because his liver enzymes were elevated and after a horrific 48 hours there, we were sent to the Pediatric Transplant Unit at Georgetown University Hospital. Levi had a series of tests and procedures which determined he would need a liver transplant. His official diagnosis is Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis or PFIC. This is a genetic disorder that causes progressive liver disease which typically leads to liver failure. After three years of growth and stability, Levi is now in need of his liver transplant.