Sometimes no news is good news. We’ve been living “normally” for several months. When Levi’s doctor told us we could live again we took advantage and visited his grandparents in Florida, took day trips to King’s Dominion, Massanutten, and Virginia Beach. We had lots of backyard barbecue’s, went to a zoo, a company picnic, played at a lake, received a hot wheels car as a gift and even got up to New Jersey and New York to visit family who hadn’t met Levi yet. The travel was refreshing and we so enjoyed experiencing new things together. We crammed in so many things, because we were home-bound for so long, we all got pneumonia and Levi got a stomach bug that put him in the hospital for three days. Nevertheless, we look back on that time with such joy.

Unfortunately, when you have a sick child, eventually reality hits. Levi has his third annual liver biopsy this week – October 24th at 9:30 am. They’ll be looking to see if his liver disease has progressed beyond stage two. He’ll also have an MRI to check for C. In our periods of fun Levi did suffer with debilitating itching for weeks at a time, none of us slept well. We’re hoping Levi’s liver can last long enough for us to try the clinical trial drug when it goes into production, but that could take some time. We’re hoping for no C.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they did this biopsy and said his liver looked better! Wouldn’t it be amazing if they came back and said that somehow his liver is healing itself! We want a scientifically unexplainable healing so GOD gets all the glory. Would you pray for that with us? Would you pray that Levi would receive a full healing, a healing only our creator could receive credit for?

As we head into these hard few days, we thank you for your support and prayers.